Design and Designers

illustrated: Outfit designed by Norma Chappell – printed wool by David Platts, 1969

Design and Designers – editorial in Fabric Forecast magazine, Autumn / Winter 1971


A teacher with quite different vision is David Platts. Seven years as a graphic designer, followed by a three-year scholarship at the RCA, have left him with an unmistakably graphic approach to textile design.

“Industrial mechanical images, screw threads, nuts and bolts, springs, boilers and functional everyday objects based on normal visual experience really excite me”, he says. “Using black line on white I try to capture their three-dimensional quality, but abstracting them too so that they become a pleasing pattern”. So far the dimensions of his designs have dictated more of a furnishing end use, but for his Batley exhibition this December he has worked on a wide range of smaller very detailed images for crazy fashion fabrics. To the black and white he’s adding the sort of colour Leger used – sharp green with subtle ochre, red with airforce blue. Since he left the RCA, David has been teaching at the Dewsbury and Batley Art School.


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