Strawberry fields for ever

illustrated: Strawberry print???

Strawberry Series of Paintings and Prints by David Platts – New Gallery, Batley School of Art and Design (until March 15). W.T. Oliver at the local galleries – writing in the Yorkshire Post

Fond as I am of strawberries and cream, when I read that David Platts had produced thirty variations of the image of the strawberry, all five feet square, I felt that this was somewhat excessive. I had reckoned without the technical resourcefulness of Mr. Platts, and the richly decorative effect this massive display of luscious fruit would have, displayed on the walls of Batley School of Art’s spacious New Gallery.

David Platts, who lives in Barnsley, trained and worked as a commercial artist before embarking on years of study at York School of Art and the Royal College of Art. His preoccupation with the strawberry began when he drew a berry for a Press advertisement. For hi the strawberry became a symbol of fruitfulness – and of more. One view pointing out that the berry bears its seeds on the outside, showing openly the continuing life of its kind, has suggested that it is an image not unlike the evergreen holly “which symbolises at Christmas the perpetual freshness of eternal life”.

Symbolism apart, these painting and prints, in their subtlety and variety, offer examples of exceptional skill and sensitivity in the handling of different materials and in the management of colour relationships. Anyone whose visual responses are alive will find stimulus in them.

The exhibition continues from 27th February to 15th March

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