Quinton Green Fine Art, Cork Street, London 1987

illustrated: East Ings 12 1986

David Platts: Pastels and Watercolours – Quinton Green Fine Art, Cork Street, London, June 1987

Quinton Green’s final exhibition is devoted to David Platts, a brilliant colourist, and will run from Wednesday 3rd June to Friday 26th June 1987.

David Platts has a wonderful sense of colour and balance. He takes what Nature has given us and re-creates on his canvas an all encompassing direct reference of his day to day existence within the world in which he lives. He is a gentle man who is at one with the Yorkshire countryside where he resides yet his portrayal of the earth and the atmospheric conditions which surround it is not a traditional one.

Platts’ terra firma comprises stripes of colour from which emanate a veritable explosion of colours and shapes reminiscent of cloud formations, giving the viewer a distinct feeling of being on another planet untouched and unsullied by human hands. He challenges us to see the beauty which surrounds us which is there for the taking and offers us sanctuary from the cruel world in which we live. His deceptively simple designs and vivid use of colour combine to give his paintings a timeless quality and form works that have both power and serenity which reflect a quietude and peace of mind.

Nicholas Carlyle, June 1987

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