Arts Extra, Grape Lane Gallery, York 1989

illustrated: Rhapsody 1989

ARTS EXTRA – Galleries Section

David Platts – Grape Lane Gallery, Low Petergate, York Until August 30th

For the general viewer, abstract art is the most difficult to comprehend. In an age of visual sophistication offered through television, videos and cinema, not to mention newspapers and magazines, the images we see are often powerful, sometimes poignant, often prosaic but easily recognisable. They are packaged to allow us to understand.

Confronted with the indefinable, barriers go up; we are less at ease; the visual explanations are not comfortably presented and we are forced to delve into the maze of the artist’s imagination. This is the case with David Platt’s work. Such titles for his abstract collection as Pastorale, Prelude, Scherzo, Intermezzo give hints of the rhythms at play in the forms and shapes of his vividly coloured creations. But are we in tune with his thinking? We are able to see the singer perform but do we know the song? The message is that the works speak for themselves; they ring with the music of life, the spirit of which David Platts attempts to share through his experience, enhancing our own perceptions.

TP. 19.08.1989


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